Trash cans come in many shapes and sizes. They are constructed out of numerous types of materials. Although each one looks and can operate uniquely, each serves one purpose. Whether they accommodate a commercial, industrial or domestic environment, all trash cans exist to house waste and clean the designated area. They're built to be durable and long-lasting while also taking up minimal space. Sometimes they can catch your attention, and you want them to blend into their surroundings. The shapes and sizes of trash cans are only exceeded by the variety of materials that construct them.

Different Types of Trash Cans

You can make a statement with your trash cans by having a decorative recycling bin or wastebasket by your front desk or service counter. Some others like to go with more artistic designs that are made out of concrete or even recycled materials. Plastic is a popular medium since it can combat odors and stand up to the elements. Some receptacles even double as a dual trash and recycling bin combo. No matter what size or shape of the receptacle you are after, a quality commercial trash can keeps the mess inside and not all over your building. There are dozens of different types of trash cans to service any space you need to keep clean, whether it be an indoor or outdoor trash can.

Metal Trash Cans

A prevalent type of trash can is made of metal. These trash cans are sturdy, and they can be extremely stylish as well. Metal trash cans are durable and long lasting, which makes them a good choice for locations that see a lot of traffic. They don't absorb odors like certain materials, so they are always a wise choice. They come in various sizes and can hold up to the rigors of constant use. Metal trash cans can be used in every room of your home or business and even outside. You are sure to find one to fit any space you have. These receptacles also come in a wide range of sizes, so one will always meet your needs.

Plastic Trash Cans

Plastic trash cans offer numerous benefits. One of the biggest is the fact they are easy to clean. Whether they reside in the home, office or public places, plastic trash cans are easy to maintain. You don't have to worry about rust with a plastic can, and because of their lightweight and durable material, they can be transported easily from one place to another.

They also make excellent storage containers if you house something for long periods and want to avoid damage. Having a plastic trash can with a lid can double as a storage bin. Keep your belongings safe and away from moisture or moths, depending on where you store things. Whether it be a storage unit, the basement or even Christmas decorations in the attic, these plastic trash cans can hold a lot.

Concrete Trash Cans

It is safe to say concrete trash cans stand up to rough use and extreme weather conditions. They are commonly used on construction sites but can also be found in various other settings, especially recreational areas like parks and playgrounds. Adorn a pavilion with one for a rustic and outdoorsy design. Additionally, a quality concrete trash can will last for years, while metal and plastic cans may need replacing more frequently. Metal cans and plastic bins take a pounding, whether from the elements or vandalism. Concrete is an efficient choice to stand up to the most extreme environments.

Dual Trash Cans

Trash cans are an essential part of the home. A dual trash can set conveniently keeps your garbage and recycling separate without creating two additional trips to the curb. With a trash can combo, you can easily separate trash from recyclables without compromising aesthetics or space. Additionally, don't waste money and buy your receptacles a la carte.

Dual trash cans are the ultimate in recycling ingenuity. With this convenient set, you can sort your waste responsibly and always make sure to go green. Dual trash cans combine two separate receptacles into one unit, making it easy to separate your recyclable trash from the rest. Consider a compost side to maximize your green efforts even further.

Pre-sort your recyclables with a set of recycling trash cans. These bins can help you sort paper, glass and plastic and keep them safe until it's time to collect. These dual bins keep everything right where you need it and save you a trip while sorting. Keep your materials in the same area and allow for better organization.

Indoor Trash Cans

Indoor trash cans are ideal for the kitchen, the bathroom, and even the office. If you're trying to keep your home or office clutter-free, indoor trash cans impact any room. Under your desk, beside your bed and even in the kitchen, these compact bins easily stow away excess waste such as paper cups, wrappers and more.

In addition, indoor trash cans also make a stylish addition to your decor. If you have an elegant metal trash can for your kitchen or bathroom, the neutral tones will go with any design scheme. Specifically stainless steel or marble, indoor trash cans can accent any room. If you choose to hide your indoor trash can, small 4-gallon wastebaskets easily tuck in a cabinet or under a nightstand and won't draw any attention.

Outdoor Trash Cans

Outdoor trash cans are typically used outside of a business or residential setting, like the backyard, patio or deck. They can have many different uses, depending on the location of the bin. Traditionally, these bins hold oversized household garbage or recyclable materials until it's time to collect. Outdoor trash cans also help keep pests out of your trash, so you don't have to worry about raccoons roaming around or, even worse: maggots in the trash can.

Outdoor trash cans can be used for organic recycling as well, and serve as a compost bin. Keep an outdoor trash can handy in your garden to act as a container for your compost heap. This will add nutrients to your garden and keep your soil rich. Your garden will thank you, and you are sure to see incomparable results.

Find the Right Can for your Business

No matter what business or industry you are in, whether you are a retail, service, or healthcare, we have the proper commercial trash can for you. From sorting and storing trash to handling recyclable waste, trash cans help ensure sanitary and safe areas. Our commercial waste cans will help your business look neat and presentable. Keep your garbage contained and eliminate stray odors and animals from outdoor trash cans. Save the natural beauty of your organization and preserve the natural aesthetics. The people will thank you for your cleanliness, but the environment will also feel the impact.