Plastic Lumber Trash Containers | EcoFriendly

To minimize your environmental footprint, Trash Cans Warehouse offers trash containers manufactured from high-grade plastic lumber made from recycled milk jugs. These innovative waste receptacles provide a highly attractive and durable solution for indoor or outdoor trash cans. Totally customizable and available in many colors and configurations, you'll be proud to show them off!
Popular placement locations for our Sustainability Stations include corridors, lounges and other high foot traffic and circulation areas. Look for our handsome recycled plastic trash receptacles inside departments of economics and science, library facilities, school cafeterias and other common spaces at public and private colleges and universities across the United States. Constructed with 97% pure Type 2 recycled plastic, the natural plain panel matte finishes and beaded panels create durable eco-friendly trash cans and recycling bins. The easy-clean exteriors feature a subtle palette of dark, medium, and light shades, earthy hues and optional, vibrantly colored signage. These complementary color combinations manifest in hues of green, brown, beige. Easy-to-read labels and header signage make effective recycling an effortless achievement for students, staff and faculty.

Discerning architects and interior designers, for whom sustainability is at the forefront of every project, have specified state-of-the-art sustainable recycled plastic trash and recycling receptacles for high-profile projects of all types. The top-notch craftsmanship of these sturdy bins is apparent not only in the overall appearance but in the details, like pocket-screw joinery and standard marine-grade hardware. Built to last for decades, the rust-resistant hinged doors and metal reinforced construction make servicing and upkeep of these bins worry-free for the long-run. Designed for indoor and outdoor use, Sustainability Collection recycling units meet all LEED requirements for recycled content. Skilled craftsmen construct these containers with care. These eco-friendly recycling bins are built fire-safe and ADA compliant. Maintenance staff find servicing simple thanks to the removable liners

Many of our valued clients, when sourcing environmentally friendly outdoor waste collection solutions, choose sustainable trash cans for their Public Promenades, Amusement Parks, Zoos and Aquariums. Occasionally, outdoor trash collection brings unwanted guests. To keep the critters out, customers often specify the Basic Flap Door. The flap door option makes waste and recycling contents invisible to guests and protects your bins from nature's unwanted intruders like racoons, squirrels and other dumpster-diving pests. Weather-wise, the tough Type 2 HDPE material is impervious to other nuisances including insects, moisture and mold. These environmentally sound super-bins won't rot, splinter or become lunch for pesky pests as wood tends to do. UV inhibitors are impregnated into the materials and there are absolutely no foam or other fillers used in fabrication. You'll never need to paint, stain or otherwise preserve the exterior of these fantastic units. Scientifically formulated bonding agents create a molecular linkage in the material, keeping colors stable and providing superior structural integrity.

Other important attributes of these eco-friendly recycling and waste bins are optional caster wheels for easy repositioning and under-cleaning. One of our most flexible waste equipment solutions, our eco-friendly trash cans in the Sustainability Collection can be custom configured for each client's specific site needs. Choose the size, color, number of recycling streams to suit the foot traffic count in your facility. Options for labelling, signage, artwork, logos and branding are also adjustable. Enter the desired options directly on product description pages and place your order in the Shopping Cart, or send us a Quote Request. You can also or contact our experts directly; they can help guide your design decisions, making what can sometimes be a daunting project, simple and satisfying. We look forward to working with you!