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Front-of-House Trash Cans

Make a great first impression while keeping your shared spaces clean with our attractive front-of-house trash cans. Perfect for a hotel, lobby, cafeteria or business, our line of stylish trash and combination receptacles make a great statement and are extremely durable.

Trash Cans For Your Business's Front of House Space
Our company features a wide range of trash can products, from metal recycling bins, to large indoor trash cans, to custom sized trash cans. Businesses that have a front of house area need to carefully consider the options when it comes to choosing the kinds of trash cans they want to put in their public space. Not only are trash cans an important part of business's decor and aesthetic, but they are one of the first things visitors will see when enter your business. The kinds of trash cans you have can send a deeper, more personal message as well. Do you consider your business to be eco-friendly? Then contemplate putting recycling bins in your front of house space, whether that space is part of a cafeteria, hotel, lobby, or any other kind of business. We offer front of house trash cans for areas that experience both a large amount of foot traffic.

Attractive and Functional
Our Swingmaster stainless swing top metal trash can is a popular option for front of house spaces in buildings such as hospitals, schools, and industrial spaces. Plastic swing top trash can models are also available. Recycling trash cans, like the Simple Sort XL 3-Stream Recycling Station, are great items where there are a lot of people walking through the front of house space. A 2-Stream version is available as well. Not only that, these high-capacity recycling cans sends a message of environmental responsibility. Options like color are customizable. Should a waste can with a very large trash capacity be required, the 41-gallon WasteMaster can be found, which is also fire-safe. 

Budget Friendly
Since this isn't acceptable, sometimes what you need are a couple of business trash cans that come at a wallet-pleasing price. The Swinger Swing Lid Garbage Can fits this bill, coming in packs of three at an affordable cost. 

Go High-Class
Businesses that tend to have chic decor in their front of house space, such as restaurants, may prefer to have a trendier set of trash cans, as offered by the Glaro Waste Collection. Coming in a variety of colors, including silver and gold, these waste receptacles are an artful solution to your needs. Specific sets of business trash cans offered by this collection include the Mount Everest Collection, the Wastemaster Series, the Monte Carlo Collection, and the Half-Round Waste and Recycling collection.

Presenting Your Business and Brand
We boast an impressive roster of clients, including Facebook, Google, Coca-Cola, and Dunkin' Donuts, just to name a few. These companies are known for the high-quality of their products, and are concerned with every aspect of their image, down to the trash cans they use in their front of house spaces. And now you know it as well: That you can purchase affordable trash cans that add to the visual appeal of your business. Other useful types of trash receptacles and waste-related products we sell include: Food court trash cans, dome shaped cans, designer cans, exterior cans, indoor cans, colorful cans, half circle cans, replacement bins, dome tops cans, fast food trash receptacles, fast food trash cans, half round trash cans, colored trash cans, and decorative cans. Our waste receptacle product lines include Spectrum, Metro, Aristata, Claremont, Allure, New Yorker, Boka, and Infinite. We even offer trash cans branded with custom logos, making any trash can a potentially unique item. Make a conscious decision about how you want to present your business today. Call 866.359.8594 to inquire about procuring the right trash cans for your business.