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ALL Commercial Indoor Trash Cans & Recycling Containers

Keeping your office or workplace cleaner and better organized starts with having the right kind of indoor trash cans and recycling receptacles for the needs of your employees. We offer dozens of different indoor trash cans that can stand up to heavy use in some of your workplace’s busiest areas.


We have many styles of traditional indoor garbage cans, such as dome-tops and swing-top versions with a variety of different finishes. If you need a small recycling receptacle, we have the Slim Jim Recycling Container with handles, and if you need to think bigger -- for the break room, or the area by the copy machines for example -- we offer larger options such as the GeoCube Three-Stream Indoor Recycling Station, which features three containers in your choice of colors, labels/functions and lid types.


Our indoor trash cans and recycling receptacles are constructed from sturdy materials such as steel, stainless steel or heavy duty plastic. From compact deskside recycling containers and waste baskets to 44-gallon BRUTE recycling containers, we have it all! Find the right solutions for your business and order today.