Can You Throw Light Bulbs In The Trash?

Old used light bulbs are a common waste item produced by businesses and homes. When light bulbs have burned out, it's important for them to be disposed of properly. The way that a light bulb is disposed of depends on the bulb's design and what kind of materials the bulb contains. Some light bulbs are easier to dispose of than others.

Wondering can you throw light bulbs in the trash? We can help. Here's what to know about light bulb disposal.

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How Much Trash Does The United States Produce Each Day?

Millions of tons of trash are produced by the consumers of the United States every year. That doesn't even include all of the waste that comes from manufacturing or industrial sources. In fact, the United States is the greatest trash producer in the world by both volume and weight. No matter what kind of business you run, you'll need a complete plan to tackle the trash created by customers or employees.

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Selecting Commercial Bins for Durability and Longevity

Commercial bins hold all kinds of trash to keep it organized until your janitorial staff can empty the bags. Whether you need a full recycling program with divided trash storage or simply need bins that can handle it all at once, you need to consider the materials and construction of the containers. Commercial bins made from the wrong materials or without durability in mind will only last a few months to a few years at the most. Since it's a major investment to purchase enough containers for an entire facility, you don't want to end up replacing them too often. Choose commercial bins that will stand the test of time and still look great with these recommendations.

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How Should Trash and Recyclables be Stored in a Restaurant?

Restaurant owners have plenty on their plate before they even consider the trash coming from the business. It's no longer as simple as tossing everything in a dumpster and having it hauled away. Recycling and composting a majority of your waste stream can help you meet local and state regulations while adding a green angle to your business. But how should trash and recyclables be stored in a restaurant?

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Choosing the Best Outdoor Refuse Receptacle for Your Business

Choosing the best outdoor refuse receptacle for your business can be a challenge, especially when there are so many options to pick from. Here's what to consider when you're trying to decide which outdoor commercial trash can is right for your organization.

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Waste Management Glossary

Increasingly, sustainability and environmentally responsible practices are being prioritized across various sectors. To reduce our environmental footprint, conserve valuable resources, and create a more sustainable future, recycling, and sustainable waste management practices have been recognized as one of the most effective methods.

The purpose of this glossary is to demystify the terms and concepts associated with recycling and waste management. Whether you are deeply involved in sustainability efforts or are just beginning to explore the potential of recycling for your organization, this glossary will provide you with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions and take meaningful steps toward a greener, more responsible future.

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Finding the Best Types of Trash Cans for Commercial Uses

At Trash Cans Warehouse, we lead the industry in commercial trash cans and recycling bins. Find thousands of trash and recycling receptacles that will hold all quantities of garbage.

Provide a safe and sanitary environment for the public or your customers and clients with our selection. First, take a deep dive into the types of trash cans we have in store for many commercial uses.

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Why Invest in Restaurant Trash Receptacles For Your Business

Waste management is essential for a successful restaurant. Cleanliness is crucial for a good dining experience, and it's also required for health and safety regulations. It may also be more complicated than you imagine.

Beyond simply tossing the trash into any old receptacle, you must plan to reduce waste. It's also essential that you improve your recycling efforts and select the trash receptacles that will best meet the needs of your restaurant.

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Selecting The Best Trash Cans For Your School

Trash Cans Warehouse is invested in helping you find the best trash and recycling containers for your school. Let our agents assist you as you consider the suitable school trash cans for your campus. Start with this handy guide about why you need school trash containers and ways to improve the shopping process for new garbage bins.

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How to Find the Best Commercial Kitchen Trash Can

Choose the perfect commercial kitchen trash can at Trash Cans Warehouse. We offer many trash and recycling bins, especially for a commercial kitchen or bar. Discover how these trash and recycling containers can upgrade your kitchen workspace or dining area.

Commercial Kitchen Trash Can for All Sizes

The first decision on which type of trash cans you need for a commercial kitchen starts with size and capacity. A small and well-placed square bin will save your team time and energy when disposing of waste.

Save money on equipment and labor using the right size can at every corner. Here are some options:

  • Grand trash cans
  • Small bins
  • Tall containers
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