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Recycling and Waste Barrels

When it comes to recycled HDPE (#2) plastic, purity makes a world of difference. The purity count in our recycling and waste barrels drastically increases the long-term performance of the product, and at 97 percent recycled material, our plastic lumber is so pure it can be recycled a second time. Products with 35 percent recycled content can't say that.

Recycled plastic is color-stable, doesn't rust or crack, and costs less than the alternatives. It's environmentally-friendly too—these recycled plastic barrels divert waste from landfills and help reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. Type2 Material is impervious to insects, moisture and mold, meaning it won't rot, splinter, or become dinner for pests as wood often does. Added UV inhibitors keep its colors stable, while bonding agents create complete molecular linkage for optimum structural integrity. Shop for top-quality recycled plastic barrels for waste and recycling below.