Dumpsters are a useful and important part of the food industry. Having a safe place to put waste helps keep food prep areas clean. For many foodservice businesses, dumpsters are the answer. Unfortunately, dumpsters are also a draw for pests everywhere. It's important to keep trash secure with food service trash receptacles.

There are many things that food workers can do to deter outdoor pests. If you work in the food industry, following these tips can help keep your dumpers safe and clean.

How Should Food Workers Deter Pests from Outdoor Dumpsters?

Know the Pests In Your Area

Know what pests are most likely to infest your dumpster. This is important information, because different pests need food secured in different ways. For example, insects can enter through tiny holes in the dumpster, but can be deterred by secure, strong plastic bags.

Black bears can tear through plastic bags and need the food to be kept secure with locking mechanisms. If black bears are a particular problem in your area, you may need to modify your dumpster.

Keep the Dumpster Locked and Secured

Have a way of locking up your dumpster. Set up a schedule to check your dumpster every night. During the check, look to be sure the dumpster is secure and there is no trash lying on the ground outside the dumpster. Never pile trash bags near your dumpster.

Work With a Pest Control Company

Take steps to protect your business from pests. Contract with a pest control company and schedule regular visits to help ensure that your property is free from pests.

Position the Dumpster Correctly

Keep the dumpster in a position away from buildings and shrubbery. Pests can use nearby structures to climb to the top of your dumpster and find a way in. If possible, position your dumpster near a motion activated light that will make your dumpster less attractive.

Pay For Regular Waste Pickup

Keep a regular waste pickup schedule to prevent pests from finding your dumpster. Maintain a schedule that works for your business and the volume of food waste that your business produces.

Throw Away Items In Bags Only

Avoid throwing away any items that are not in plastic bags. Plastic bags help keep waste secure, and prevent odors that would attract pests. Use high quality trash bags that do not break easily under the strain of a normal amount of waste for your business.

Check the Dumpster Regularly for Signs It's Been Compromised

Check your dumpster on a regular basis for signs that the dumpster has been compromised by a pest. Look for holes in the lid, swarms of insects, chew holes through plastic bags and so on. If your dumpster is compromised, take action as soon as possible to rectify the problem.

Buy Trash Cans That Keep Food Waste Safe

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