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ALL Outdoor Trash Cans, Garbage Bins & Waste Containers

Outdoor trash cans, smokers’ urns and other garbage bins or waste containers designed to be used outdoors need to be as durable as they are useful. We have plenty of styles and sizes of outdoor garbage bins and recycling stations to choose from, so you can find the right styles to fit your needs.


True to their purpose, many of our recycling stations and waste barrels are made from high-grade plastic lumber created from recycled milk jugs. We have single outdoor waste receptacles as well as side by side triple and quadruple outdoor recycling stations, with designations such as Recycle Only, Cans Only, Plastic Only, Paper Only, Compost and more.


Besides our recycling stations, we also have beautiful perforated stainless steel waste receptacles that are as sturdy as they are shiny.


Whether you need to place a smoker’s urn outside your building for your staff and customers to use or a heavy-duty outdoor recycling station or trash can in your parking garage, we offer the outdoor garbage bins you need to keep your premises cleaner for many years to come. Browse our wide selection and order today!