Millions of tons of trash are produced by the consumers of the United States every year. That doesn't even include all of the waste that comes from manufacturing or industrial sources. In fact, the United States is the greatest trash producer in the world by both volume and weight. No matter what kind of business you run, you'll need a complete plan to tackle the trash created by customers or employees.

How Much Trash Does the United States Produce Each Day?

12% of the world's total trash stream produced each day comes from the United States. On average, each person in the US throws away about 5 lbs of trash per day. Considering there are nearly 332 million people in the country, that's millions of pounds of trash entering the waste system every day.

When you add it all up, each resident of the country contributes about 1,800 lbs of trash to incinerators, landfills, and recycling facilities. That translates into nearly 300 million tons of waste filling the country's trash cans over the course of the whole year. While there are many methods and initiatives for lowering the total amount of waste we're producing as a country, the fact remains that all that trash needs proper handling until we're making less of it.

Some trash is harder to store and handle than others. Any commercial facility that sells or produces food will need bins that are easily cleaned to avoid bacterial build-up and odor issues. Other types of trash might contain a lot of liquids, requiring a sealed and corrosion-resistant container to prevent leaks.

Choosing Trash Management Methods

Dumpsters are great for securing your trash once it's in bulk format, but they won't work for collecting waste from guests, customers, or employees. Setting up a number of commercial trash cans around your property or facility is the key to capturing trash before it becomes litter. Clean-up methods for lost litter are much more expensive and labor-intensive than placing and emptying trash cans on a regular basis. Setting up multiple bins marked for recycling can also help you divide your commercial waste stream to take advantage of incentives for increasing facility reuse programs.

Make sure to choose commercial trash bins that can handle high traffic levels and constant use. Durable materials like steel and impact-resistant resin ensure that the bins won't become damaged from regular use, especially the ones you place outdoors that receive a lot of weather exposure. Take charge of trash around your facility to keep it controlled and well-organized and you won't have to deal with reputation-lowering messes and fines from the local government.

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