Commercial bins hold all kinds of trash to keep it organized until your janitorial staff can empty the bags. Whether you need a full recycling program with divided trash storage or simply need bins that can handle it all at once, you need to consider the materials and construction of the containers. Commercial bins made from the wrong materials or without durability in mind will only last a few months to a few years at the most. Since it's a major investment to purchase enough containers for an entire facility, you don't want to end up replacing them too often. Choose commercial bins that will stand the test of time and still look great with these recommendations.

How Many Streams of Recycling?

First, always start your search for commercial bins with a clear idea of how many streams of waste you want to capture. Mixed trash is a single stream of waste, requiring just one type of container located where they're needed. If you want to separate out various types of recycling, such as keeping metal cans and paper items in their own containers, you'll need recycling bins built for that purpose. Look for units built with multiple connected bins since the heavier weight keeps them from being moved or damaged as easily as lighter designs.

Are You Placing the Commercial Bins Indoors or Outdoors?

Bins used indoors face much less weathering and fewer vandalism risks than those placed outdoors. Even cars and animals can become a hazard to commercial bins used outdoors. Make sure that any materials like coated metal or plastic are designed to resist UV exposure, rain, and other weather conditions for outdoor use. Metal bins tend to last longer than plastic for exterior use, but the metal still needs a powder coating or similar protective layer to keep rust from becoming a problem.

Tough coatings ensure that these commercial bins last for years no matter what kind of weather conditions they face on a regular basis. Indoor bins can still become scuffed by foot traffic or exposed to moisture if the liners used inside them begin to leak. You still need durable and commercial-grade bins even for indoor placement, it's just that UV resistance and rain exposure are less of a problem.

What Risks Exist?

Some commercial bins face more risks than others depending on their placement. For example, trash containers used in parks or around parking lots are more likely to become damaged by vehicles or vandalism than those inside your buildings. The more risks faced by a particular bin, the better construction it will need to last through the years.

Avoid using plastic commercial bins in areas where vehicles or equipment could back into them. Metal is much more durable and easier to repair after this kind of damage. If you're arranging the bins in an area of high foot traffic, consider raised designs that prevent accidental damage around the base.

Which Coating Option Lasts Longest?

Steel commercial bins can last for years, especially if you choose a stainless steel material. However, other coatings also offer protection against corrosion and UV damage that can last even longer than the stainless surface. Powder coating is one of the most protective coatings available for steel bins. The material is baked onto the surface to form a continuous layer that keeps moisture and UV rays away from the surface of the metal.

Choose commercial bins that will look great for years to come from Trash Cans Warehouse. We have both metal and plastic models to organize your facility's waste streams.