At Trash Cans Warehouse, we lead the industry in commercial trash cans and recycling bins. Find thousands of trash and recycling receptacles that will hold all quantities of garbage.

Provide a safe and sanitary environment for the public or your customers and clients with our selection. First, take a deep dive into the types of trash cans we have in store for many commercial uses.

Types of Trash Cans

For a commercial business, there are several areas where trash cans are a necessity. Along with reducing noxious odors and vermin, trash cans help businesses avoid citations and loss of sales. Use commercial trash cans in the following areas:

  • Lobby
  • Food Service
  • Hotel and Resort
  • Office
  • Gas Station
  • Reception
  • Salon

Commercial bins sold by Trash Cans Warehouse meet the specifications and requirements of various enterprises. Whether you are in the hospitality industry or working in food service, you will be able to find that perfect trash can. Here are some ways to search and locate the right trash can for your needs.

Trash Cans by Location

Look for trash cans according to the area of your building or store. The most common areas for a trash can are outdoors and indoors. In addition, restrooms, which can be in public spaces, need trash cans for sanitary purposes.

Shapes of Trash Cans

There are many shapes of trash cans to choose from for your commercial uses. This includes the following most popular trash can shapes:

  • Square
  • Round
  • Half-Round
  • Rectangular

Optimize storage and walkability in a room with the use of specially shaped trash cans. Arrange more than one trash and recycling bin side-by-side to create a focal point.

Assorted Other Types of Trash Cans

You may also choose trash cans that are metal, such as stainless steel trash cans. Trash Cans Warehouse also sells wastebaskets that are very small and perfect for one person. If you are installing a recycling center in your building, consider the use of trash and recycling containers together in a combo.

Choose Trash Cans at Trash Cans Warehouse

Find the right trash cans for commercial uses at Trash Cans Warehouse. Contact us now for a quote by calling 866-359-8594. Our representatives are waiting to help you sort through a vast catalog of trash can features.