Restaurant owners have plenty on their plate before they even consider the trash coming from the business. It's no longer as simple as tossing everything in a dumpster and having it hauled away. Recycling and composting a majority of your waste stream can help you meet local and state regulations while adding a green angle to your business. But how should trash and recyclables be stored in a restaurant?

Improper storage could lead to issues with insects and other pests. Managing all the various types of waste coming from a restaurant business takes a multi-pronged approach with the right bins for every type of trash.

Dealing with Mixed Food Waste

If you want to participate in a municipal or internal composting program, you'll need to save food waste in a pure stream. That means installing composting collection units that are easy to clean and sanitize when they're emptied. If you're throwing out the food waste instead, you'll still need bins that can handle wet and mixed trash without needing constant cleaning.

Lidded containers are essential for compost collection and mixed trash with food waste in it. Open containers allow insects to congregate and lead to odor issues as well. This is true for collection bins used in dining areas where guests can use them and for larger trash-holding units. Lids are the key to managing food waste in volume.

Recycling Plates, Cups, and More

Plastic waste generated in the restaurant, along with cans and other forms of metal, can be recycled with ease. However, you need to keep it separate from the rest of the trash first. You may want to offer a rinsing station to reduce the amount of food residue mixing in with the recycling so it's easier to store.

Recycling bins don't necessarily need lids, but they may work better with them if you're recycling used materials. These containers still need rinsing and cleaning after each emptying so they don't attract pests or cause odor issues over time.

Storing Trash In and Outside the Restaurant

Trash bins used in the kitchen and storage areas can be smaller in volume and may stay open for convenience. For outdoor and storage purposes, you'll need a secure trash can with a lid. Trash bins are needed even if you have a dumpster. You'll want containers that can hold bags of trash and recycling before it's sorted to its final destination. This helps you stay compliant with health codes and keeps the front and back of house as clean as possible.

Ease of Cleaning and Emptying

Since restaurant trash and recycling bins need emptying multiple times a day, you want trash containers that make that process easy. Consider the ease of cleaning as well since it's necessary for a sanitary environment.

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