Maintaining your facility requires a high level of cleanliness, which goes beyond surface cleaning. There is nothing more off-putting than being at a place where trash is overflowing, and having adequate Commercial trash cans can avoid this easily.

The following tips will help you choose the right trash cans for your facility. You can quickly improve the look and feel of your facility by developing a plan for handling refuse and how to tackle it.

Measuring Your Litter Output

You can get a better idea of how many and what type of commercial trash cans you'll need by measuring your litter outputs. Consider both the types and the amount of litter you find inside and outside your facility.

Taking this into account will help you determine the type and location of trash cans that will be suitable for each space. Location is definitely a factor to consider when spacing out garbage cans. Areas such as entrances, exits, common areas and break rooms, parking garages, and food facilities should all be considered as part of this process.

Making Sure You Have Enough Trash Cans To Meet Demand

In addition to proper placement, you need to ensure that your facility has a sufficient number of trash cans. In the absence of enough garbage cans, your garbage cans could easily overflow and then guests will be more likely to litter in the future. An outdoor area or area that typically attracts a lot of waste can benefit from user larger garbage cans.

Think About The Different Types of Units You May Require

In addition, pet waste receptacles are helpful if your facility allows pets, so that staff and guests can clean up after them. The presence of recycling bins also encourages people to recycle rather than discard their trash, resulting in a reduction in landfill waste.

Additionally, having recycling bins on display shows your concern for our planet and the environment to both staff and guests. By using a covered trash can, you can also reduce accidental litter caused by wet and windy weather, plus odors will remain under control.

Having The Right Accessories

It is important to have trash can liners on hand so that your staff can properly empty trash cans and maintain a clean facility. For additional convenience, you may want to stock trash cans that have ashtrays built in so that cigarette butts don't litter the ground or risk setting fire to the rest of the trash contained within the can.

In order to ensure that your commercial trash cans and your facility are maintained properly, it is crucial that you have the right choice of waste receptacles available. If you need to cover a large project or new facility with waste containers then why not reach out to a member of our team to find out more about how can help you?

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