Trash Cans Warehouse is invested in helping you find the best trash and recycling containers for your school. Let our agents assist you as you consider the suitable school trash cans for your campus. Start with this handy guide about why you need school trash containers and ways to improve the shopping process for new garbage bins.

School Trash Bins

School garbage cans are instrumental in maintaining sanity and sanitary conditions for staff, students, and visitors. Everyone benefits when you invest in the right appearance and size of trash and recycling bins for your school.

Trash and recyclables are properly disposed of, ensuring the campus and classrooms will be free of germs or rodents. Learn more about which types of trash cans you need for your school.

College Campus Trash Cans

Colleges and universities with brightly painted and attractive campus trash cans stand out in students’ eyes. The trash bins have become a part of the campus architecture and visual appeal.

Add art to your campus by investing in customized or commercial college trash receptacles. The waste baskets and refuse containers here at Trash Cans Warehouse solve all your school trash and recycling dilemmas.

Elementary School Trash Containers

As you shop for your elementary school trash bins, consider the physical requirements of your student body. Younger students require smaller trash receptacles that are positioned lower to the ground. These are safer and more conducive to elementary students’ needs.

However, you will also need to invest in large school trash bins. These must accommodate paper waste in the office and food waste in the cafeteria. Take stock of the total trash and waste management for your school when ordering trash cans.

Types of School Trash Bins

School trash and recycling containers add function and style to your school setting. These include outdoor school trash cans, recycling bins, and indoor-use containers. Let’s look at these different types of school trash containers you can choose from at Trash Cans Warehouse.

We specialize in all types of trash cans that are perfectly suited for schools and college campuses. Domed and open-top trash cans and stainless steel and plastic trash bins provide a smart solution to school waste.

Outdoor School Trash Bins

Commercial exterior trash receptacles for schools are the key to managing waste and recycling outside. Beautify your school campus with trash bins made to withstand the elements. Also, if bears or other wild animals are a problem on the grounds, choose bear-proof trash containers.

Our high-quality outdoor school trash receptacles are manufactured with campuses in mind. You can order customized outdoor trash bins that are easy to use and designed to represent your school.

Indoor School Trash and Recycling Cans

School image is essential to setting the stage for education. With a quality brand and logo readily visible to students and the public, schools can build trust and community.

Choose your school's best indoor trash cans and recycling containers with Trash Cans Warehouse. We offer instant checkout when you submit your purchase order.

School Cafeteria Trash Cans

Food waste is a school's most common garbage, making up nearly a quarter of the trash taken out each school day. In the cafeteria, trash cans should be strategically positioned to increase efficiency and proper use by students and staff. You also want to consider the following elements:

A smart sort stream trash center uses customized lids and openings in various colors and shapes. These help the individual identify the correct bins quickly when tossing items in the garbage.

School Bathroom Trash Containers

You want a mix of medium and small containers in the school bathrooms. Tiny trash bins to accommodate each toilet stall are necessary to avoid clogged toilets. In addition, you need to install a medium-sized trash can for holding used paper towels and more oversized items.

Recycling Waste Containers in the Classroom

Did you know that approximately 80 percent of school waste is recyclable? By installing commercial recycling bins in each classroom and hallway, you will increase the eco-capacity of your school.

Plus, recycling trash helps reduce the amount of waste picked up and sent to landfills each week. Check out the new Oakley Outdoor Decorative Collection by Trash Cans Warehouse.

These recycling cans feature a signature square or round style. Fun colors for recycling bins by Oakley include:

  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Green
  • Black
  • Silver

Custom School Trash and Recycling Bins

Other types of trash cans your school may benefit from are based on particular use. Consider a custom trash can for recycling coffee cups if your school has a cafeteria or coffee shop. For entrances and offices with high traffic rates, choose hand sanitizer dispensers and trash cans for wipes.

Find the Best School Trash Containers Today

We take pride in offering many options for school trash and recycling containers. Let our team assemble a customized trash-call order for your school. Start with a quote on trash bins for schools by Trash Cans Warehouse.