As the medical office manager, your job involves selecting the best medical office trash cans. The appropriate solution for medical waste disposal is professional medical office trash receptacles. Learn all about medical waste and how to choose the perfect dome top trash receptacles, stainless steel cans, and recycling containers.

What is Medical Waste?

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) defines medical waste. It is a "subset of wastes generated at health care facilities, such as hospitals [and] physicians' offices."

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), medical and healthcare waste includes sharp waste like syringes and disposable blades. Medical waste also covers chemical waste, such as laboratory reagents and solvents. Paper products and liquid agents also fill up many waste bins in medical offices.

Medical Office Waste Management Rules

Medical staff, patients, and office personnel must dispose of all medical waste properly. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP) states you must regulate medical waste with a management plan.

Purchasing Medical Office Trash Cans

Stay ahead of CDC and WHO guidelines to manage medical office waste professionally. Whether you are replacing old models or need to supply a new healthcare clinic, we have the resources.

Restock medical office trash cans with new and innovative dome-top trash receptacles. Learn which type of medical office trash cans are most receptive in this setting.

About Dome Top Trash Receptacles

Dome-top trash receptacles feature a round top where the material is disposed of securely. A dome top lid is open on the top, or it will have a push-style covering over the front-facing opening.

About Step-On Trash Cans

Step-on trash cans provide a touch-free user experience for recycling and waste disposal. This style supports a lid with a foot pedal to open and close the trash can.

Why Choose New Medical Office Waste Cans

There are several reasons why medical office trash cans and recycling receptacles need to be replaced or upgraded.

Maintain Current Safety Standards

Keep your facility neat and orderly with hands-free medical office trash cans while managing healthcare regulations. Dome top trash receptacles for medical office trash cans are top of the line.

Practice Healthy Medical Office Hygiene

Dome top trash receptacles and step-on trash cans provide a secure system for properly disposing of medical waste. Avoid touching the container or lid while disposing of garbage and improve public health practices.

Knock Out Noxious Smells

A primary reason for updating medical office trash cans is to reduce contamination. Noxious odors that can waif up from human waste and chemicals. Eliminate this burden by selecting a round-top trash can or top dome waste receptacle.

Improve Medical Office Atmosphere

Upgrade the look and feel of your medical office with a new set of medical office trash cans. Whether you prefer the modern touch of dome top trash receptacles or the ease of step-on trash cans, we have quite the selection.

Conduct a Medical Office Trash Can Audit

Here are some tips to help you select the correct commercial trash can when ordering medical office trash cans. Conduct a medical office audit to decide if your office space needs replacing or adding new trash cans.

Identify how many bags or liters of material you are disposing of in a week and over time. Use these steps to determine which garbage and recycling containers are left unused and which are overflowing:

  1. Track and record the amount of trash left in each bin each day.
  2. Use this data to remap where to position your medical office trash cans.
  3. Redefine where to place trash receptacles in the medical office.
  4. Update the number of trash cans to reflect your garbage containment needs best. For instance, replace bins that are too small with those with a greater gallon-sized capacity or smelly cans with scent-proof stainless steel models.
  5. Choose trash cans with different features, such as dome top trash receptacles or step-on trash cans with hands-free lids. This will increase the usability of these containers.

Best Types of Trash Cans for Medical Offices

Additional options for medical office trash cans include:

  • Color
  • Shape
  • Materials
  • Height, width, and capacity
  • Added functions, i.e., step-on, dome lid, open-top, etc.

Choose from various colors to fit the office aesthetic and feeling. Find trash cans at the Trash Cans Warehouse in every color. Popular options for medical offices are silver or gray, as well as black, brown, red, or white.

Shapes common to medical office recycling and garbage containers are generally cylindrical or rectangular. Capacity ranges from four to eight gallons in most office spaces. Recycling bins for shredded paper can be up to 30 gallons.

Final Call: Best Trash Cans for Medical Offices

The sleek and sturdy 8-Gallon Stainless Steel Step-On Slim Jim in Black is a popular option for medical offices. A smaller capacity step-on trash container options include our Industrial Step-On Trash Can in Stainless Steel 4-Gallon.

How to Buy New Medical Trash Receptacles Today

Purchase new medically approved trash cans for your clinic or private practice now. Pick from among our vast selection of trash receptacles and recycling containers. These bins and lidded boxes offer the ideal decor and functionality for your professional setting.

Let Trash Cans Warehouse be your go-to store to find medical waste receptacles that exceed your expectations. Call us at 866-359-8594 today to start selecting the best medical office trash containers.