Choose the perfect commercial kitchen trash can at Trash Cans Warehouse. We offer many trash and recycling bins, especially for a commercial kitchen or bar. Discover how these trash and recycling containers can upgrade your kitchen workspace or dining area.

Commercial Kitchen Trash Can for All Sizes

The first decision on which type of trash cans you need for a commercial kitchen starts with size and capacity. A small and well-placed square bin will save your team time and energy when disposing of waste.

Save money on equipment and labor using the right size can at every corner. Here are some options:

  • Grand trash cans
  • Small bins
  • Tall containers

Containers in sets used for recycling and trash disposal will also help you reduce the footprint of garbage cans. Stick with groupings of trash and recycling bins with the many options sold at Trash Cans Warehouse.

Touchfree Trash Bins

The most popular type of trash can for a commercial kitchen is hands-free and requires minimal effort to dispose of waste. There are a few options that you can choose from with touch-free trash cans, such as:

  • Brim-step trash cans
  • Biohazard steel step containers
  • Open dome top cans
  • Swinger garbage bin lids

Let's peek at what is happening underneath these commercial kitchen trash bin lids.

Brim Step Trash Cans

A Brim step trash bin is a step-on trash receptacle with added strength. The Brim trash can style was invented by designer David Quan, who works for Umbra. A stainless steel foot pedal operates the lid once stepped on at the base.

Using a retention ring, the trash bin holds the bag liner in place when you step on the pedal. This triggers the lid to flip up and allows you to have hands-free trash disposal in a commercial kitchen.

Biohazard Steel Step Containers

If you are in the market for an OSHA-approved biohazard waste bin, check out the 6.5 Gal Defenders Biohazard Square Steel Step-Can in White. Here you have the ideal solution for infectious waste.

Kitchens in the healthcare industry, such as hospital cafeterias, require biohazard waste disposal bins. These are essential to keeping infectious diseases under control, as well as for the proper disposal of hand wipes and other sanitary products.

Open Dome Top Cans

The open dome trash can is a popular option for busy kitchen areas with high traffic. A good example of the open dome style is Mount Everest Waste Receptacle with Open Dome-Top, 8 Gal.

The opening at the top of the trash can lets you easily dispose of food waste and single-use products. Improve foot traffic in the kitchen or dining area with these trash cans.

Swinger Cans for Kitchens

A swinger kitchen trash can provides an easy-to-access way to throw out garbage. Touchfree, these classic trash bin lids keep you from seeing waste or smelling noxious odors.

The swing lid flips open to accommodate waste without touching the lid or container. Reduce the spread of bacteria with this innovative style of trash cans for kitchens.

Kitchen Compost Bins

As you set up a refuse and compost station in your commercial space, consider the use of compost bins. Compost decomposition requires oxygen, moisture, and bacteria to maintain the right environment. However, you generally want to avoid all three of these conditions in a commercial kitchen

This is why you need a commercially viable compost bin, especially for indoor kitchen space. Here at Trash Cans Warehouse, we have more than 200 options for kitchen compost containers. These include:

Maintain kitchen safety and health sanitation using a commercially approved container for proper composting. Stick with the safe option for your compost projects using our kitchen composting containers.

Recycling Containers for Commercial Kitchens

Recycling is another common activity for commercial kitchens. Focus on the right size of the recycling bin for your space. Also, consider the types of recyclable kitchen waste you expect or currently collect.

Save money and space by only investing in recycling cans that will be used correctly. These recycling cans will improve the waste stream from your kitchen to the recycling and landfill centers.

BRUTE Containers for Trash

The BRUTE brand is by Rubbermaid, a trusted name for commercial trash receptacles. Featuring a signature BRUTE logo and thick plastic walls, these trash cans are top-of-the-line for use in high-traffic kitchens.

You can also use these trash containers outdoors to serve guests or host events. Handles on each side of these bulky trash cans make moving the BRUTE bins easier. Heavy enough to withstand strong winds, the BRUTE trash can is an easy winner for commercial businesses.

Find the Best Commercial Kitchen Trash Can Today

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