Burton Snowboards Recycling Solution

Burton, a world-famous snowboarding brand, chose Trash Cans Warehouse to outfit their eco-friendly headquarters in Burlington, VT, with a complete waste stream program. Their goal was to have a product that would separate trash, compost, and recycling, as well as fit their brand.


For their purposes, Burton identified the Large Simple Sort Recycling Station as the most effective option. One of the most versatile and popular lines we offer is the Simple Sort Collection. To assist the Burton team in developing graphics for the top panels of each container, we provided them with the dimensions for the graphics that would be applied to the panels.


To check up on the recycling containers at Burton HQ in Burlington, we took a trip to Burton Headquarters to check up on them. Both the people and the containers were hard at work, sorting waste streams in an efficient manner as they worked hard to clean up the site. In our opinion, their graphic design was impressive, following best practices with clear labeling for each of the output streams. Our guide informed us that the containers are emptied every night and it was clear that they were taking care of keeping the huge office space well-kept, which houses over 500 employees as well as approximately 100 dogs every day.

The pictures you see above show that they are still doing a great job maintaining their Simple Sort containers and we are happy to be associated with a company that is so committed to being eco-friendly.