Finding the right trash can make all the difference in keeping raccoons, squirrels, rodents, neighborhood dogs, and pretty much everything else out. Finding these types of trash cans can be a challenging task, though. With this in mind, we've rounded up some of the best options and determined which ones will provide the best protection for offices, warehouses, and other professional settings. These trash cans have been rated based on their functionality, usability, design, and the kinds of animals they are intended to keep out.

The Waste Watcher for Trash

The Waste Watcher for Trash's appealing and compact design makes it a great choice for busy public spaces. Think college campuses, hospitality establishments, and waiting rooms in healthcare centers. It tucks neatly under or next to a desk and fits in small spaces. This container is very adaptable and has a variety of lid options, which are clearly marked for ease of use. Because it's available in 16-gallon, 20-gallon, and 23-gallon sizes, this trash can is ideal for central recycling and waste stations and desk-side collection.

The Octo 32 Gallon Outdoor Trash Bin

The Octo's edgy, yet useful and robust design makes it the ideal container for large public spaces, both indoors and outdoors. With a top-loading lid for use inside and a side-load option for use outside, it's sure to confuse animals that are accustomed to traditionally designed trash cans. Functional yet stylish, this 32-gallon trash can features a unique octagonal design that enables 360-degree custom labeling possibilities, so your customers can really make it their own. Oh, and did we mention the weighted base? Yep, and that's to keep it firmly planted in case of extreme weather conditions such as high winds.

Recycling and Waste Barrel with Hinged Door

Since it looks more like a barrel than a trash bin, this dome-top model continues the theme of using visual expectation to confuse animals that are accustomed to certain trash can designs. Of course, animals are quick learners and it shouldn't take them long to figure out that this is, in fact, a receptacle for all the things they love to grab from other trash cans. That's where the restrictive openings come in. They're designed to accommodate all kinds of waste while discouraging critters from using them.

The best part is that this trash can is that heavy-duty liners are included with each unit for simple maintenance, and unlike other plastic recycling facilities, this one is made entirely of high-grade recycled HDPE and does not contain any foam fillers. In fact, the product requires almost no upkeep and never needs painting, it never splinters and won't become termite food.

The Nova Curbside Compost Bin

A market leader in ergonomic bin design, the NOVA60 Curbside Compost Bin comes with a handy latch to keep animals out of the container. Its durable and eco-friendly design makes this bin ideal for outdoor use in schools, hospitals, and corporate offices. Thanks to the comfortable handle height, anyone can access the handle and open it to access the receptacle inside, anyone except animals, that is.

Being made from 25% recycled plastic, this bin is built to last and is a huge selling point for clients looking for value. You'll also want to let your customers in on the different lid styles that this bin is available in, which include a vented lid, a circle lid, and a standard lid.

32 Gallon Galvanized Steel Trash Can with Lid

One of the strongest models available, this trash can is ideal for areas where larger animals like bears are a problem. Designed to withstand the harshest environments, it's made of premium, heavy gauge steel and is often seen outside modern industrial apartment buildings and brownstones.

Despite its strength, the 32-gallon trash can is surprisingly lightweight and it's corrosion-resistant due to the zinc treatment applied to it during the manufacturing process. When marketing this can, be sure to mention how easy it is to handle and transport.

To Wrap Up

A good animal-proof trash can is an excellent investment for any property owner that wants to keep neighborhood dogs and wildlife out of their recycling and trash. The containers on this list are excellent at keeping a space free of trash and they're ideal for any property owner who values the cleanliness of their property and the health of our planet.

Not only will these animal-proof containers keep the designated area clean and free of trash, but they can also help protect the environment from unnecessary waste by ensuring that nothing is lost to scavenging animals or even the wind.

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