From tall towers that hold cigarette butts to classic outdoor tough cans, each of these devices holds a particular kind of garbage. Maintain a professional image by selecting the best trash cans for your waste disposal needs.

Choosing trash cans in a variety of colors is also important for outdoor disposal stations. Here is a rundown of a few different types of outdoor trash cans sold at Trashcans Warehouse.

Special Types of Outdoor Trash Cans

Cigarette and Trash Receptacles

Smokers' outposts and ash/trash receptacles offer several interesting features for smokers who want to get rid of a butt. These can come with:

  • Sand covers
  • Funnel tops
  • Dome lids
  • Donut tops

Choose the cigarette and trash towers that coordinate with the outdoor ambiance and style. These thin yet tall trash cans are fireproof and protect against random fires caused by cigarettes tossed on the ground. If you have an outdoor space with wild grasses or other dry plant material, it is a wise idea to include at least one of the smoker's outposts.

New York City Compliant Trash Cans

Do you have a business or outdoor restaurant seating in New York City? If so, consider Trashcans Warehouse's selection of NYC compliant trash cans. These bins meet regulations and city code to ensure you do not have a ticket or violation.

Make sure you have the right type of trash cans so the garbage collectors can do their job without a hassle. A New York City compliant trash can will also keep those big city rats at bay.

Waste Barrels

A waste barrel can be far more attractive than it sounds. Take the Customizable Glaro Half-Round Waste and Recycling Container. This is a small 14-gallon sized container that features a base coated in burgundy with a satin brass lid. Super fancy and well designed, this trash can be kept outdoors in all weather. Yet the trash can is rust proof, as well as tarnish proof.

Here is another option that is less fancy and offers more capacity. The Recycling and Waste Barrel with Lift Off Lid is made using slatted boards vertically positioned around the bin. Painted the signature blue for recycling, this trash can looks more like a traditional barrel. This is a larger capacity trash can, as well, which is more conducive for big crowds and urban spaces.

Plastic Lumber Trash Bins

The best outdoor trash can for you may be one of the plastic lumber trash bins. Like the Recycling and Waste Barrel, this trash can is made using slates that are made from plastic.

The plastic lumber is weather resistant and can last for decades without fading or cracking. This 36 Gallon Round Recycled Plastic Waste Receptacle with Dome Lid by Trashcans Warehouse is another good example.

Here you have a mustard-yellow trash can with a retractable lid to protect against odors and insects. The bright color will stand out in the crowd and from a sea of green grass and trees.

Help individuals outside of your building find the trash more easily. Stop having garbage thrown in front of your entryway with the use of this plastic lumber trash bin.

Get a Quote on the Best Outdoor Trash Can

To order the best outdoor trash can for your space, start with Trashcans Warehouse. Our extensive selection of trash cans for the outdoors also includes recycling containers. Choose a style or type of trash can, such as executive luxe or sports stadium style, for your commercial business needs.

Contact us at 866-359-8594 to request a quote on outdoor trash cans today. We look forward to working with you as you replace or establish a trash and recycling station outdoors.