Split Two-Stream Recycling and Waste Barrel with Lift-Off Lid

Made with 100% recycled plastic.

Split Two-Stream Recycling and Waste Barrel with Lift-Off Lid
Plastic lumber containers are made to withstand years of use, indoors or out.
Item #: N1-20355P4
  • Capacity: 55 Gal
  • Dimensions: 27" d × 38.75" h
  • Weight: 60 lbs
  • Setting: Indoor/Outdoor
  • Material: Plastic Lumber


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Split Two-Stream Recycling and Waste Barrel with Lift-Off Lid

The Split Two-Stream Recycling and Waste Barrel with Lift-Off Lid is the perfect solution for creating an attractive recycling system for any indoor or outdoor setting. Each recycling station is totally customizable with options for colors, and restricted openings that match your recycling program requirements. To minimize your environmental footprint, Trashcans Warehouse's Sustainability Series recycling stations are manufactured from high-grade plastic lumber made from recycled milk jugs.

The Split Two-Stream Recycling and Waste Barrel with Lift-Off Lid has the following key features:

  • Manufactured from pure high-grade of recycled HDPE, and unlike other plastic recycling centers, contains no foam fillers. Top-of-the-line pigments and UV inhibitors are used to maintain consistent in the most demanding outdoor environments. The product is virtually maintenance free and never needs painting, never splinters and never becomes food for termites. The units are constructed to last decades, and include pocket screw construction and marine grade hardware throughout.
  • Each unit comes with heavy duty liners for easy servicing.
  • Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, and meets all LEED requirements for recycled content, are ADA-compliant and fire safe.
  • Restrictive openings to accommodate multiple material streams, including Cans/Bottles, Paper and Organic material, Waste, etc.
  • Our lumber lasts for decades and thanks to our full line of engineered products built with commercial-grade building techniques, the furnishings themselves last just as long.
  • The lumber wont absorb moisture, which can lead to rotting and won't harbor insects. It offers many of the characteristics of wood but requires virtually no maintenance!


Model # Capacity Dimensions Weight
N1-20355P1 55 gallons 27"d × 38.75"h 60

About Plastic Lumber:

  • When it comes to recycled HDPE (#2) plastic, purity makes a world of difference. The purity count in this Type2 Material drastically increases the long-term performance of the product, and at 97 percent recycled material, our plastic lumber is so pure it can be recycled a second time.
  • Recycled plastic is color-stable, doesn't rust or crack, and costs less than the alternatives. It's environmentally-friendly too—recycling plastic diverts waste from going to landfills and reduces our dependence on fossil fuels.
  • Type2 Material is impervious to insects, moisture and mold, meaning it won't rot, splinter, or become dinner for pests as wood often does. Added UV inhibitors keep its colors stable, while bonding agents create complete molecular linkage for optimum structural integrity.

  • Here's how it works:

  • Recyclables get collected right from your curb; soda bottles, milk jugs or that empty bottle of aspirin. They're then hauled to a material recovery facility to be sorted, crushed and baled.
  • Plastic reclaimers then grind the containers into flakes, clean them of any residues and contaminants, and send them along the recycling chain. Manufacturers buy the clean plastic flakes and melt them into pellets adding colorant, UV inhibitors and bonding agents.
  • Finally, Type2 Material is extruded to shape, ready to be built into furnishings that close the loop on needless waste. Demanding recycled plastic reduces the use of virgin plastics and our dependence on fossil fuel as a result.
  • Plastic Lumber Process


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