Rat Infestation on New York Streets as a Result of Trash Overflow
The Upper West Side of New York City is a flourishing neighborhood bustling with young people, historical museums, boutiques and flourishing businesses. The Upper East side is also known as the home base for some of your favorite television characters (think Gossip Girl, 30 Rock and Seinfeld). If you were to go to the Upper east side to visit the sets of your favorite TV shows you may be surprised by the things you see on the famous streets in this neighborhood. People aren’t the only species that are flooding the streets! Rats are beginning to run wild in the streets of the ritsy Upper East Side. Some residents are claiming that their neighborhood has the highest amount of reported complaints regarding rodents in the whole of the Big Apple. 

Baby’s Beware! 
Rats watchers have even reported the rascally rodents jumping into strollers in Central Park and biting babies! Many metropolitan city dwellers are claiming that the infestation has become hazardous and is completely out of control. Some of the pests are as big as cats and when a NYC Taxi gets the better of them, it's a stomach-turning mess. Some are even branding the infestation Rat-Pocalypse!

Less Bins = More Rats! This rat invasion is a result of the elimination of 110 trash bins that were located on the streets. The trash cans that were taken out were being criticized for not meeting criteria along with being misused. This declination of accessible cans has caused trash to overflow the streets of NYC and has created a playground for rodents as well as a nightmare for humans. The immediate increase in population of rats following this elimination of bins left the city officials shaking their heads. An order has been communicated to the Department of Sanitation to stop the removal of trash cans promptly. This is a clear confirmation that the removal of trash cans is not what the streets need in order to keep streets clean and sanitary. It was estimated that 2.5 million rats call NYC their home and in order to keep this number from escalating trash must be disposed properly. 

Designing for a Rat-Free Future!
Are you worried about rats taking over and destroying everything we humans have created? Pest-Control can be a huge challenge for cities, towns and municipalities. But have no fear, Trashcans Warehouse is here to help ease your anxiety and design a system to help with Rat Reduction. We provide attractive, practical trash cans that can encourage proper disposal of waste while discouraging vermin from entering the bin. Trash evidently attracts rodents and bugs everywhere, not just in NYC. Help protect your streets from being overthrown by practicing proper habits regarding waste disposal and sanitation. Please call us today for a free consultation on your best bets for a Rat-Free Future.