Kaleidoscope One-Stream Half-Round Waste Container

The Colorful Custom Container Made with Powder Coated Steel

Kaleidoscope One-Stream Half-Round Waste Container
One Kaleidoscope Half Round in Black with Trash Opening
Item #: Kaleidoscope One-Stream Half-Round Waste Container
  • Capacity: 8 Gal
  • Dimensions: 7.875"w x 15.75" l x x 30" h
  • Weight: 23 lbs
  • Setting: Indoor
  • Material: Steel


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The Kaleidoscope Collection is an innovation in indoor waste and recycling collection. Use Kaleidoscope trash and recycling bins to create the perfect recycling station for your office, school, or business park

The One-Stream Round includes one 8 Gallon Half-Round you can use with other Kaleidoscope units to create custom waste and recycling stations for corners, islands, or stand alone units. Four heavy-duty feet keep the units slightly elevated to allow for air circulation and help restrict mold and mildew growth and unsightly discoloration of floor surfaces from "mop around" ring. Each container includes a rigid plastic liner with built in handles for easy servicing.

Restricted openings are dedicated to desired waste stream:

  • 8" square half moon Trash opening
  • 4 1/2" circle for Bottles/Cans & Plastic
  • 2" Paper Slot
  • Easy to read, pre-applied WHITE decals on 2 sides of the units to indicate waste stream.



  • ADA Compliant and constructed of fire-safe steel
  • 100% Made in the USA
  • Contains over 30% Recycled Material
  • Easy to remove steel top finished in Silver Star EXL powder-coat.
One-Stream Square24 Gallons15.75"w x 15.75"l x 30"hBLX, EGX, RBX, RYX35.5 lbs.
Two-Stream Square24 Gallons(x2)15.75"w x 31.5"l x 30"hBLX, EGX, RBX, RYX71 lbs
Three-Stream Square24 Gallons (x3)15.75"w x 47.25"l x 30"hBLX, EGX, RBX, RYX106.5 lbs
Four-Stream Square24 Gallons(x4)15.75"w x 63"l x 30"hBLX, EGX, RBX, RYX142 lbs
One-Stream Half-Round8 Gallons15.75l x 7.875"w x 30"hBLX, EGX, RBX, RYX23 lbs.
Two-Stream Round8 Gallons(x2)15.75"w x 15.75"l x 30"hBLX, EGX, RBX, RYX46 lbs
Three-Stream Combo24 Gallons & 8 Gallons(x2) 15.75"w x 31.5"l x 30"hBLX, EGX, RBX, RYX35.5 lbs.
Four-Stream Combo24 Gallons(x2) & 8 Gallons(x2)17"w x 52"l x 32"hBLX, EGX, RBX, RYX140 lbs
XL Rectangular One-Stream17 Gallons9.5 x 18.25 x 35.5BLX, EGX, RBX, RYX38 lbs
XL Square One-Stream36 Gallons18.5" x 18.25" x 35.5"BLX, EGX, RBX, RYX48 lbs
XL Two-Stream36 Gallons(x2)18.5" x 36.5" x 35.5"BLX, EGX, RBX, RYX96 lbs
XL Three-Stream36 Gallons(x3)18.5" x 54.75" x 35.5"BLX, EGX, RBX, RYX144 lbs
XL Four-Stream36 Gallons(x4)18.5" x 73" x 35.5"BLX, EGX, RBX, RYX192 lbs


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