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Why Buy From Us?

Simply put, we do all the homework for you. We sell trash cans and waste receptacles from 17 different manufacturers, rather than just one, so our goal is to find the right trash container for you, not to sell you any particular waste receptacle. Because we work with so many differnt manufacturers, we provide the largest selection of affordable, attractive, and functional trash cans on the web. Browse by category, setting, price, capacity, or construction material. You can also call us at 866.359.8594.

At Trash Cans Warehouse, we have a huge selection of commercial trash cans and trash receptacles for outdoor and indoor use. With a wide variety of containers to choose from, clear product images and detailed product descriptions, you will find the garbage container that is just right to keep your area clean and tidy, work well within design and space parameters, and meet your waste management goals

Trash disposal is a fact of life, but waste receptacles overflowing with garbage doesn’t have to be. We supply the most cost-effective, attractive, functional, and durable waste receptacles and combination waste and recycling units available. Our waste collection and management products, all offered at discount and wholesale prices, are suitable for a variety of uses including:

  • Commercial Waste Collection
  • Industrial Waste Control
  • Corporate Recycling Solutions
  • School Waste Management Plans
  • Business Waste Collection
  • Municipal Solid Waste Management

We've designed our online store so you can easily select the best waste containers and trash and recycling stations for offices, home or facilities with clearly defined discount pricing and tons of options to choose from. Don't see a product you're looking for? Call us at 866.359.8594 or email us and we will find the right waste container at the lowest price available.

Trashcans Warehouse Specializes in:

  • Custom trash containers for Corporations
  • Color-coded waste stations for Colleges and Universities
  • Outdoor trash receptacles for Parks and Downtowns
  • Multi-stream bins for garbage collection and recycling
  • Recycled-content containers for LEED certified facilities
  • Stylish trash cans and outdoor receptacles for Offices
  • Fun and effective waste containers for Schools

Trash Cans Warehouse also provides expert, hands-on corporate sustainability management consulting to plan, implement, and track solid waste removal from your offices. Our team of experts is available to assist you in starting an environmental waste management plan that meets your company’s needs and budget. Just call us at (866) 359-8594, or email us with any questions regarding our sustainable waste management services or waste disposal containers.