Composting is probably not the first thing you think about when you consider ways to make your company more sustainable. You may think of compost as something that's created at home in your backyard, or possibly in the corporate break room. As we look for ways to make our companies more sustainable and earth-friendly, composting should be right near the top if our lists. Once you get past the mindset roadblocks, every person on your team can contribute. It can become a part of corporate culture and part of your company's core values.  But, it can also make a positive impact on climate change. 

What is corporate composting?  

Corporate composting really just takes the composting you do at home into the workplace. Americans discard 40% of the food we produce buy every day. That all adds up to 150,000 tons of food that's trashed every day. The premise of corporate composting is that you and your company start a program to assess the amount of food waste that you produce in your break room or cafeteria, and then take steps to remediate or redirect that organic waste in more sustainable ways. It’s not something that typically can happen overnight, but when approached with careful planning and employee buy-in, you can make important strides towards a more sustainable workplace. There are also several ways that companies approach the corporate composting proposition. You can manage the entire composting process right there onsite; or you can truck your organic food wast to a local farm or composting location to handle it for you. Either way, corporate composting can and should become an important part of your culture, taking your sustainability and recycling efforts to the next level. It can become part of your zero-waste (or near-zero-waste) initiatives at your corporate events: parties, conferences, etc.  

Why is corporate composting important? 

Taken person-by-person, the food waste problem may not seem like a huge issue. It’s not singular though. We’re talking about tons of food waste, which in turn is the largest producer of methane gas, as it is also the largest contributor to landfills in the US. Methane gas, in turn, contributes to wide-spread climate change. So, by significantly reducing the tonage of food waste in the local landfill through corporate composting, you’re making a far more wide-ranging and important impact on the world and our future than you may have ever imagined. Corporate composting is also becoming a business model that’s being rolled out to all their facilities by some of the biggest corporations across the US. 

How Trash Cans Warehouse Can Help You with Corporate Composting  

We, at Trash Cans Warehouse, offer the products and services to support your corporate composting efforts, including bulk discounts to roll out the composting solution throughout your organization. Our goal is to help you implement solutions that not only fit into your corporate culture and sustainability objectives, but that are also cost-effective and streamlined for you.