Not all brands are created equal, as every brand will tell you. That's particularly true for those brands who seek to differentiate themselves based on sustainability and their environmentally friendly approach to production. For those brands who are dedicated to giving back to the community and saving the planet, it's usually easy to see. Their actions speak louder than words.

Here's the thing though... Any brand or corporate organization can say that they are sustainable and that they want to save the planet by implementing corporate recycling programs. Their PR and marketing teams are spinning out the tall tales. They can be so create with their stories. How do you really know if it's true? Are they really trying to give back, or just looking for ways to fool their customers into trusting them and buying from them?

A Solution? Fashion Brands Seek Certification

It's simple. Fashion brand products are priced based on perceived value. Of course, part of that is how popular they are, if they fit into a particular niche or look, but a growing valuation is based on social responsibility factors. Does the brand use sustainable materials? What about the labor in their factories? Is it child-labor, poorly paid, etc.?  Is the company a responsible citizen as part of the community in local, national, and international spheres of influence? How do you even know whether a company even cares if they are making a positive impact?

So, a certification is typically established and enforced by an independent group or organization, which rates the importance of various standards, and then hands out a seal of approval or certification. In the case of a sustainable certificate, the independent agency could not effectively evaluate every aspect of the company to prove that the brand is absolutely environmentally friendly, but it is better than the alternative, and consumers really want to know. Of course, they need to believe that they can trust a company to make ethical and sustainable choices, but it's evolved to another level of complexity, because consumers now recognize that they can leverage their buying power to encourage (even demand) socially responsible behavior. 

Why Trashcans Warehouse Differentiates? 

While fashion brands are seeking out certification options that will differentiate them from their competitors, other businesses and brands are seeking to implement the best sustainable and recycling solutions for their customers and employees. With all the options out there, it's just not easy to determine which options will work best for your capacity and placement. But, you know that your customers and employees are looking to you to make a stand and demonstrate your commitment. 

That's why we offer tips and ideas, with personalized consulting services, to help you determine which recycling receptacle or station will best meet your needs. You don't have to be the experts in sustainability and recycling. You don't have to be certified as an environmentally friendly business to make a difference. We're here to consult help you determine what you need, when you need it, and why that solution will work best. While you love the planet and want to do your part, it's got to make sense from a financial perspective as well. 

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